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About My Couples Therapy

Over the duration of my career, I’ve worked with many hundreds of couples who have struggled with a wide range of issues. This has included couples who have stopped having sex or those who feel like they’ve been fighting too much; to couples who feel like their relationship has grown distant or those who are suffering from a sense of broken trust.

When relationships are working well, they provide each partner with a sense of security, belonging and love. Unfortunately, no matter how much we may love our partners, personal and relational issues and patterns can get in the way of the love that is there. These patterns often become entrenched and are very difficult for people to alter on their own.  Couples therapy can safely guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves, their partner and their relationship. This can set the stage for change, healing, renewed connection and enhanced love to develop.

Emotionally Focused Counselling

I provide safe, understanding and confidential marriage counselling services. My work has been highly influenced by my training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy which has deepened my ability to help people understand, deal with and communicate their emotions in order to transform the relationship and to become more closely connected with their partner.

Please watch the above video to see how I have helped many couples over the past 30 years work through their problems and repair their relationships. You will get an understanding of my philosophy and approach to dealing with couples who are going through difficult times and how I work with them to move forward.

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