Why Steve Might be the Right Therapist for You

When you do something as important as seeing a therapist, I believe it’s essential that you choose someone who loves what they do.

I can honestly say that after over 30 years of doing my work, I still love it. I don’t go home tired and burned out from a day of working with people and their struggles. I generally go home invigorated and grateful for having had an opportunity to work with people who have had the courage to address difficult issues. I have found that even in the harshest of circumstances and even with the most difficult and most painful emotions, there is a seed of potential and hope that emerges under the right circumstances. As a therapist, I help people to find that seed and to take action on what they find.

Adapted from Steve Moscovitch’s video on Why Steve?

Winnipeg Therapist and Counsellor, Steve Moscovitch Therapy